Fun Shopping

  • 1154 Lill Studio
    I am in love with this store. You can pick out your own fabrics and create your own bag. Amazing!
  • Fragments
    The most beautiful and unique jewelry. There is something there for everyone!
  • Wishingfish
    This place has the cutest collection of stuff. Everything is so brightly colored and well chosen. You can't go wrong at this site!
  • Red Envelope
    You can find a gift for anyone on this site!
  • The Paper Source
    There is one around the corner from me but looking at all of the choices on the net is so fun!!
  • Parkleigh
    This is a cute shop on Park Ave. in Rochester, NY.
  • Uncommon Goods
    Their site is so fun to look at and everything is so FAB-U-LOUS! Especially the jewelry...
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Funky Fun Sites

  • Mr. Snoozleberg
    I am obsessed with this game! It is so fun clicking around to find the secret spots that will help out Mr. Snoozleberg. Fun-Fun-Fun!
  • The Puzzle Society Games and Puzzles - Play Four
    A game that involves only four letter words? How can you resist? And there are lots of other word games too!
  • Make-a-Flake
    I LOVE this site. It is so fun to try to make the "ultimate snowflake". I keep improving mine.
  • Orsinal Games
    Fun little games (Warning: ADDICTIVE!) that involve no killing, guns, or bombs. Whenever I play, I marvel at the high scorers. How do they do it?